Graphic Design

Develop business logo(s) and lead layout and artistic design for communication and marketing materials.



Provide still and event photography. Headshots for professional profiles and staged shoots for marketing materials, etc.


Shoot and edit promotional videos for meetings, conferences and special events.

Digital Strategy

Online Marketing

Manage content updates, online marketing campaigns, usage tracking, impressions and other analytics.


Social Media

Create a strategy to increase brand awareness and boost brand engagement, generate new leads and drive traffic to website as well as build a community around your business.

Website Development

Develop a site to help increase product knowledge, maintain communication between company and potential clients, sell products or services and increase the popularity of company.

Information Technology

IT Enterprise Development

Develop device-agnostic platforms that can sit on either cloud-based or on-premise infrastructure.

Maintenance & Support Services

24/7 to ``as needed`` support, technical support and bug fixes


Migration Services

Develop a site to help increase product knowledge, maintain communication between company and potential clients, sell products or services and increase the popularity of company.

Infrastructure Design And Architecture

Data center design and build out, cabling, networking, cloud and on-premise infrastructure implantation and security

Agile Methodology

Scrum, SAFe

Application Architecture & Development

Specialize in Ruby on Rails, Java J2EE, PHP, Zend, CodeIgnitor

Application Integration

Able to set up integrations with Docebo, Salesforce, streaming video, VOIP, QuickBooks, logixml, IBM GNR, Bizflow


Enterprise Data Management

Specialize in AWS, Hadoop, Oracle, and MongoDB


Linux Support (RedHat Partner)

Centos, Fedora, Jboss, Cloudforms, Openshift, Openstack. We are a Red Hat Solutions Provider Partner.

Media Relations


Create messages and/or visuals, in a variety of media, to persuade the organization’s target audience to perform a certain action.


Media Management

Identify and describe strategic and operational phenomena and problems in leadership of media enterprises.

Media Training

Coordinate on the best messaging, strategies, and interview techniques to amplify organization’s mission and goals through media coverage.

Writing And Editing

Provide technical, speech, creative and report writing services. Author talking points, copyedit, proofread and evaluate other written materials.


Develop primary and secondary messages for key audiences that can be utilized for strategic plans, online platforms or other communications materials. Develop press releases, media advisories, scripts for media pitch calls and e-mails. Generate targeted media lists using media databases. Conduct media training. Review communications materials to ensure it aligns with the client’s mission, vision and scope before internal/external distribution.

Public Relations


Develop an identity to clearly define the organization’s brand – that incorporates its goals, its personality, and the emotion of the business.


Develop and manage event program, venue layout, marketing strategy, branding, launch, media relations and stakeholder outreach.


Use a mix of communications such as advertising, social media and direct marketing, to persuade a target audience about the merits of a service, brand or issue.


Research, analyze, develop and manage a strategic plan to best launch and promote the mission and vision of a given campaign.


Provide strategies, planning, facilitation, and development services for creating and implementing short- and long-range community engagement plans that will strengthen the business’ relationships with principle stakeholders, target audiences and the general public.

Strategic Planning

Market Research

Help determine viability of services by identifying target audience, evaluating competition, engaging the audience and compiling and interpreting data.


Assist a group or organization through meetings, planning sessions, or training to facilitate goal achievement.


Organizational And Communications Strategy

Assist with defining strategy, structure, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to meet its mission and have the best positioning for branding messaging.

Crisis Communications

Conduct situational and competitive analysis to identify an organization’s core problem. Leverage findings to develop objectives, strategies and tactics to mitigate the problem(s), identify potential risks and crisis and manage the execution of the plans.

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