Communications Services

Communications is an industry that has a proven track record of moving businesses forward by enabling them to: frame their story, have a greater impact on stakeholders, enhance credibility, create and sustain media traction and develop and maintain a steady drumbeat in the public sphere. Even the best communications campaigns rarely produce overnight results. It is the goal of MWC to assist businesses with mapping out a six-month to 12-month plan with specific goals that will establish a solid communications foundation on which to build and ultimately move the needle towards their intended mission. MWC provides comprehensive communications services to clients. Below are the primary creative, public relations and digital services MWC offers.
  • Online Interactive Support and Management


    Manage content and messaging for client websites, social media, social networks, and blogs.

    Online Marketing Campaigns


    Manage content updates, online marketing campaigns, tracking usage, impressions and other analytics.
  • Brand Development


    Develop an identity to clearly define the organization’s brand – that incorporates its goals, its personality, and the emotion of the business.

    Community Engagement


    Provide strategies, planning, facilitation, and development services for creating and implementing short and long range community engagement plans that will strengthen the business’ relationships with principle stakeholders, target audiences and the general public.

    Campaign Development and Management


    Research, analyze, develop and manage a strategic plan to best launch and promote the mission and vision of a given campaign.

    Event Planning and Promotions


    Develop and manage event program, venue layout, marketing strategy, branding, launch, media relations and stakeholder outreach.
  • Graphic Design


    Develop business’ logo(s) and lead layout and artistic design of communication and marketing materials.

    Photography and Video


    Provide still and event photography. Headshots for professional profiles and staged shoots for marketing materials, etc. Shoot and edit promotional videos for meetings, conferences and special events.
  • Media Training


    Coordinate on the best messaging, strategies, and interview techniques to amplify organization’s mission and goals through media coverage.

    Writing and Editing


    Provide technical, speech, creative and report writing services. Author talking points, copyedit, proofread and evaluate other written materials.

    Messaging and Media Relations


    Develop primary and secondary messages for key audiences that can be utilized for strategic plans, online platforms or other communications materials. Develop press releases, media advisories, scripts for media pitch calls and e-mails. Generate targeted media lists using media databases. Conduct media training. Review communications materials to ensure it aligns with the client’s mission, vision and scope before internal/external distribution.
  • Organizational Strategy


    Assist with defining strategy, structure, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to meet its mission and have the best positioning for branding messaging.

    Strategic and Crisis Communications Planning and Management


    Conduct situational and competitive analysis to identify an organization’s core problem. Leverage findings to develop objectives, strategies and tactics to mitigate the problem(s), identify potential risks and crisis and manage the execution of the plans.

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